Hi I'm Karin

For years I was just surviving. My life was organized around fear. The fear for the opinion of others, the fear of not being accepted. I adapted myself out for fear that I would not be accepted. I've always kept quiet because it's scary to be seen. If you're seen you can be rejected. If you're seen, others will think something of you. 

I have made many choices in my life because I thought that was expected of me. Or because it seemed logical. Or just as a cry for attention. 

And so my path through life became a path of contradictions: I studied Pedagogy and then Animal Management. Only to find out that it didn't suit me and then I rolled into the payroll administration. It sure was a very responsible choice. For the outside world… For me? Not so… Not once, but two times, I balanced on the edge of a burnout. And when I went down that path for the third time, I knew: this has to change. I was not made for this. So it was time to no longer choose from fear, but time to choose for myself. 

But choosing for yourself is easier said than done… For years I had the idea that I was living someone else's life. But what did I want? And who am I to begin with? I didn't have a clue... 

At that moment I learned about the idea that your life is a mirror of your inner world… At first, of course, it was super confrontational, because that would mean that I'd somehow caused that mess myself… But I soon saw the other side as well: if you learn what your mess tells you, you actually get a lot of opportunities to do something about it! And it gave me so much opportunities for growth. And finally, I can say that I'm living instead of surviving.

And now I want to help you do the same! By helping you see what your life is telling you I help you empower yourself so you also can start living instead of just surviving. 

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